Rope Care & Safety

General Rope Care

Caring for your rope not only prolongs its life but also helps prevent the fibres breaking down and unexpected parting. Here are a few tips on caring for your cordage:

1. Keep ropes out of direct sunlight when not in use - UV light will degrade them

2. Wash ropes with warm soapy water to rid of salt deposits

3. Whip, Splice or Heat Shrink the ends, this stops fraying.

4. Correctly coil rope when not in use to prevent Kinks from forming.

5. Always check rope for wear and tear, alter the contact points regularly to prevent chafing at one point and replace as neccesary

Rope & Wire Safety

Here are some safety tips for working with Rope and Wire:

1. Always use the Right Rope for the Right Job - See relevant section.

2. Regulary check rope for wear and tear, chafing, broken strands, oil, grease or paint stains, and kinks. These all reduce the breaking strain and should be replaced as neccesary.

3. Remember, Knots, Bends or Hitches tied in rope reduce its breaking load - See relevant section.

4. Regulary check wires for broken strands and kinks.

5. Check termination points for signs of corrosion.

6. Never Stand in a Bight or Coil.

7. Never Stand in line of recoil.