Halyard and Sheets Guide

Halyards & Sheets Guide


When choosing the material, construction and size of line for your yacht, you should take into consideration the following:

What its for? - Halyard, sheet or Control Line
What you will be doing? - Cruising or Racing
What is the Sail Area it is to be used with?
The type of rig and set up? (winches fitted or not?)
The size of blocks and sheeves fitted?
The feel of the rope

The guide below uses the Sail Area NOT Boat Length for Braid on Braid and is a rough guide. Please refer to manufacturers recommended size.

Diameters of polyester Braid on Braid to Suit Sail Area
Sail Area10m²20m²30m²40m²
Control Line8-10mm12mm14mm16mm
Genoa /Jib Sheet 8mm10mm14mm16mm
Mainsail Sheet with
purchase system

This table is a guide only, please contact us for further information.

Sheet Lengths.

The lengths required will depend on the deck fitting arrangement and layout of your yacht.

A rough guide is:

Sheet Lengths
Jib1 x boat length for each side
Genoa1 x Boat Length for each side
Cruising Chute1.5 x Boat Length for each side
Spinnaker1.5 x Boat Length for each side
Spinnaker Guy1.5 x Boat Length for each side